Lincoln Elementary School

Bluestem Award


Bluestem Award!

In order to fill the gap between the Monarch Award and the Rebecca Caudill award, Illinois librarians created the Bluestem Award for 3rd-5th graders.  Students must read 4 of the 20 Bluestem books in order to vote for their favorite in March.

When Lincoln students finish a Bluestem, they will sign the pillar in the library that represents each Bluestem.

This year students in grades 3 and 4 who read all 20 Bluestems will receive a fast pass for next year’s Bluestems.  Students with a fast pass will get first choice of the Bluestems for next school year.  Students must fill out the Bluestem Reading form and it must be signed by a parent for students to be eligible.  5th grade students who complete the form will have a poster made of them reading their favorite book which will be posted in the library.  

Here is the Bluestem Reading Log.

Please encourage your children to try these wonderful titles.

This Year's List

Official Bluestem Site